Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Albayzín Granada

Feast your eyes

Impossible to walk past without being lured in.

This beautiful tapas bar in  Calle Puerta Nueva, Albayzín demonstrates the fantastic use of dried herbs and spices to create a stunning visual to entice customers. 

Dried Chillies and Dried Bay Leaves set off the centre piece of the traditional leg of Spanish ham  Jamón de Guijuelo. Granada is renowned for it's cuisine. Albayzín is a rarity, Every drink you order is accompanied by free tapas. Every time a different offering.

Our pallets were tempted by many a dish including small local stews using the warmth of ginger and cinnamon to give real depths to the flavours.

The use of many herbs and spices was inspired by The Moors who occupied the region in the 15th century. Rarely does a local recipe not contain some combination of herbs and spices. 

Be inspired, add colour and fragrance to your kitchen. Use dried whole red chillies and dried bay leaves to adorn you kitchen. 

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