Thursday, 31 October 2013

Orange and Clove Christmas Pomanders

Get nostalgic about Christmas with these lovely easy to make orange and clove pomanders.
The warm citrus and spice aroma fills the air with memories of Christmas past and present.

Make your pomanders early as they will last and maintain their smell and look for many many months.

Give as a thoughtful and traditional Christmas gift or use to decorate and scent your home.

Get creative and design your own unique pomander.  This is a great way to keep busy little minds occupied in the build up to Christmas.

You will need:

Medium to large whole oranges
Love Flavour Whole Cloves
Whole Star Anise (to copy design below)

We also used some Love flavour whole star anise as we love the shape and the smell of this pretty looking spice.

We used a star shape cutter and pushed it into the skin of the orange to follow the pattern for ease.

How to:

Decide on your design, using a small wooden skewer (or similar blunt if kids involved)
Make a small hole in the skin of the orange and insert whole clove. Repeat to complete your design. 

Using a large needle (adult supervision for kids) thread the ribbon through the bottom of the orange and through to the top. Tie a knot in the bottom of the ribbon to stop it pulling through.

We used glue to attached to the star anise.

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